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Blast from the Past

Student work prior to 2015

   The Offline Kit  -Branding,  Editorial,   Package Design

The Offline Kit-Branding, Editorial, Package Design

  Loco  -  UX Design, Interaction Design

Loco - UX Design, Interaction Design

  Self  - Book Design,  Editorial

Self - Book Design, Editorial

  AMIGO  -  UX Design

AMIGO - UX Design

  Food Waste  -  Illustration,   Info and Interaction Design

Food Waste - Illustration, Info and Interaction Design

  LinkedIn for High Schoolers  - UX, Interaction Design

LinkedIn for High Schoolers -UX, Interaction Design

  Expo 2025  -  Branding, Editorial, UX Design

Expo 2025 - Branding, Editorial, UX Design

  Google Doodle  -  Illustration

Google Doodle - Illustration