Exciting news!

Finding a job after graduation is something that most students worry about. I'm so grateful that I won't have to worry about that because I will be returning to Google as a full-time designer in 2015!!! It was a pretty tough decision to make when I was deciding which offer to take between Google and Facebook. I didn't apply to any other companies but was happy with my options. 

When deciding between Facebook and Google, there were tons of pros and cons to weigh in on. Some of the most important factors that I considered when making my decision include (in no specific order): 

  • Mentorship
  • Company goals and mission 
  • Design culture and impact
  • Opportunity for growth
  • Products (how excited am I?)
  • Openness, culture fit, people 

Both companies have an incredible mentorship program where people are always willing to provide advice, and guidance making you feel appreciated and reminded that they genuinely care about your growth. I love how Facebook has such a strong, tight-knit design community, but at the same time, love that Google was finally understanding design and making huge improvements as a company to appreciate and respect design more (such as with Material Design, and the FORM design conference). 

After weeks of weighing the pros and cons, I knew my heart was set out on Google after having such an amazing time there this past summer. 3 months there wasn't enough for me, and I want to continue exploring and learning there before I move on to other companies. Ultimately, I went with Google because I want to learn more about the different types of new technologies that Google explores. I felt more excited about the things that I would be exposed to such as, wearables technology, self-driving cars, and projects that I never would've imagined possible.

Facebook and Google are both amazing companies, and even though I'm going to be a designer at Google, it's likely that my path with Facebook will cross again in the future. :)