Hello 2017!

Time; probably one of the craziest concepts of life that I will never understand...but here I am again writing a reflection for 2016. Here are some highlights: 

  • I travelled every single month on a plane (!!) managing to visit 5 different countries and ~9 different states to satiate my travel urges. 
  • I watched the Northern Lights in Iceland with my best friends and it was beyond magical 
  • I gave a design talk at 4 universities (Berkeley, Duke, York University, and Sheridan College) 
  • I learned a lot about self-love and tried my best to practice it
  • My boyfriend graduated from college and moved to D.C! 

As mentioned in last year's post, I'm not a huge believer in new year's resolutions but I do believe in setting a theme for the new year. 2014 was self-discovery, 2015 was letting go, and 2016 was to have trust and faith.  Trust in the way that everything in my life is exactly the way it needs to be. To have faith and trust in my actions and decisions. It was hard not to doubt sometimes which is how I ended up choosing my theme for 2017. The lessons I learn each year with a intentional theme make it easier to accept myself, to be okay with solitude and discomfort, and allow me to see inward. I'm starting to believe that if I can truly excel at all of these themes I've set over the years, I can handle anything that life throws at me.

For 2017, I'm setting the theme as confidence. To be confident in myself as a designer, friend, daughter, girlfriend, and person overall. To know my own worth believing in myself, pushing beyond what's uncomfortable and to be courageous and confident especially when I become nervous, doubtful or insecure. I'm proud of all the accomplishments I've had thus far but a part of me is never satisfied. Confidence has always been a weird on/off thing for me so I'm striving to believe in myself more and to not worry so much about how I'm perceived by others. NTS: Stay true to you! 

Some things that I plan on doing this year to work on my theme is to take dance classes, and to speak at 2-3 events on top of campus recruiting ones. I also want to fully embrace alone time and solitude; focusing on more me time and being fully present and in the now