Wrapping up 2015

And just like that 2015 is coming to an end. Every year I set a theme instead of resolutions; this year was "letting go". It was a year full of growth, experiences, change, and emotional rollercoasters. It was probably the hardest year for me but that's okay because of the positive growth that came with these mental challenges. 

In just these past 12 months, I've learned and experienced an incredible amount. Moving to California definitely came with it's difficulties underneath the excitement and glamour of working at Google. Becoming single after a long term relationship challenged me to be okay by myself, to learn about self-love and who I was independent of anyone. Looking back at this year makes me so proud of everything that I've done. Backpacking across Europe taught me a lot about culture and people, and that deep down we're all the same. We're all looking for the same adventures, experiences, love and happiness. Languages might seem like a communication barrier but it really wasn't because once you created a bond, you didn't need words to communicate anymore. Sleeping at airports was an experience in itself too. Airports told beautiful stories...the emotions you see are real, pure, and raw from people who were either being reunited or departing from each other. Roadtripping across the southwest states in America taught me about hospitality and kindness from strangers after staying with the Navajo in Antelope Canyon and airbnbs in Utah. 

Being at Google taught me to be proud of myself as a designer. Even though it was a hard transition from being a student to a full-time designer along with feeling young and inexperienced, I had to remind myself that it was normal to feel the 'imposter syndrome' and that everyone typically goes through that phase. I hope to continue learning a lot so that I can continue to help make a difference with Google.

I am incredibly grateful for all of my experiences. Even though I've had a lot of lows this year, I also experienced some of the best times with my friends and family. I hope 2015 was a great one for each of you! If it wasn't, take baby steps towards improving your life. Do whatever you need that lights your soul on fire and sparks the kind of excitement that you can't help spread. Learn to let go of things that aren't meant to be in your life. :) 

Lots of love, 

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