Any way you frame it, we’re generators and synthesizers. We invent, create, and shape the world surrounding us. Design in this way unites us as makers, but it also differentiates us through process. The journey from ideation to creation is a journey of discovery, our ability to apply these discoveries is what makes us designers.
— YSDN Class of 2015

As crazy as it sounds, I'll be graduating in April from the York/Sheridan joint program in design! Our graduating class has been working extremely hard organizing the grad show that will be held at the Liberty Grand in Toronto from April 19th-21st. It's incredibly exciting to finally be a part of the grad show process after watching the upper years do it for the last 3 years.

Each year, the grad show has a different theme and brand. Ours is called YSDN MADE, because no matter what our process is, design unites all of us as makers. Each student was asked to create their own version of the MADE logo. This is what mine looked like in the end! I wanted mine to reflect myself as an artist and designer, showing my roots in painting and how going to a fine arts high school has helped influence me as a designer. I want my MADE logo to be playful, colourful, and full or energy. It was really refreshing  to do something hands-on since I have been doing a lot more digital work lately. 

If you're curious, check out our YSDN MADE 2015 Gradshow site here