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117 days in California


When I was 5, my mom gave me my first diary and was taught to write in it every night before going to sleep. To this day, I haven't stopped handwriting my personal thoughts, stories, and self-reflections in my journal. 

This is a place for me to share what I find beautiful in my adventures, what makes me excited and passionate, and all the lessons I learn along the way. 

117 days in California

Fiona Yeung

It's the second week of September and I am back home in Toronto. I was away for 4 months and even though I've grown and experienced so much, everything still feels the same here. It's a weird feeling but I guess that's what happens when you experience so much in a short amount of time abroad. 

This summer was easily the best summer I've ever had (despite how awesome last summer was). I was able to experience a 3 month internship at Google, tour a bunch of different tech companies, meet a ton of inspiring and talented new friends, drive through the entire California coast, be with my boyfriend all summer long, and take advantage of the gorgeous California nature. I absolute loved California. I was already familiar with San Francisco since I interned in the Mission district last summer, but this time around, I think the culture and lifestyle really grew on me.  

Living in California was a dream for me. I was no longer long-distance with my boyfriend since the Bay Area is where Eric lived, and I was also able to be hang out by the beaches and watch the ocean waves whenever I wanted. I embraced the Cali lifestyle pretty well...from my weekly yoga sessions to eating Acai bowls 3x a week to hiking or road-trips every weekend all over California. Oh, the withdrawal! 

When I look back at the past few college years, it still amazes me how far I've come in a short amount of time and knowing that I'm in my senior year already. From not knowing anything about UX design in early 2013 to interning at Google as a UX design intern, or being able to connect myself with so many in the Silicon Valley much has changed. I never thought I would be here but I am and it's still surreal to me that all this happened so quickly. I learned so much this summer, and I owe it to all the people that made an impact on my growth and experience.

School has started now so it's back to that school grind. I have a jam-packed course load this semester so fingers-crossed that I'll survive! Next item on my list that I"m looking forward to? The Grace Hopper conference in Phoenix thanks to Google! 

117 days, 21 cities, 11 beaches, 6 road trips, 1 amazing internship. California, you have my heart. Here's a short summer recap video I made along with some more photos. 

 La Jolla cove

La Jolla cove

 Pacific Coast Hwy near Big Sur

Pacific Coast Hwy near Big Sur

 Point Reyes

Point Reyes


Wedding in Carmel Valley

Eric and I at Vernal Falls

In love with palm trees!