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Back at Google!


When I was 5, my mom gave me my first diary and was taught to write in it every night before going to sleep. To this day, I haven't stopped handwriting my personal thoughts, stories, and self-reflections in my journal. 

This is a place for me to share what I find beautiful in my adventures, what makes me excited and passionate, and all the lessons I learn along the way. 

Back at Google!

Fiona Yeung

It's Friday and I just finished my first week at Google as a full-time designer on the Material Design team. Since I interned here before, it was a lot easier settling down and getting into the swing of things. The Noogler orientation was a lot more intensive than the internship one but was still fun since I love meeting new people, especially because they were all just as excited as I was. The weekly TGIF was also a lot of fun. It's where Larry and Sergey officially welcome all the Nooglers and then talk about company-wide announcements. The actual campus was just as big and exciting as I remembered. Only a few things changed on campus such as the new visitor centre and some new cafes, other than that I was still really familiar and comfortable with everything.

My first day was really nostalgic. Stepping onto the Google shuttle bus reminded me of last summer and all the exciting days that I had. It was so good returning back to Google. The nostalgia reminded me of my aspirations and goals as a designer. Being at Google refueled my drive and really showed me that I can do anything I want. Anything is possible. Reuniting with my former manager Brynn Evans was one of the bigger highlights of the week. She's bright and energetic, and really knows how to push me in the right ways. I'm also really excited about the team that I'm on. The Material Design team is full of talented and really cool people so I can't wait to work with them on really cool projects. I plan on keeping some of my internship goals such as consistently meeting lots of new people, having 1:1 meetings, asking for constructive feedback, and trying to learn and be as involved as possible. 

Being a new grad designer starting off at Google can also be a little overwhelming. I'm lucky that I know how Google teams work already, but it can be intimidating especially working closely with people that I've looked up to for a while. It's important to remember that you're here for a reason and that you just have to be yourself. Everyone is unique at Google and that's why we have such great culture. 

Aside from all the fun things at work, the Google and Silicon Valley bubble is big and can easily suck people in so I'm going to try my best to be conscious of it; constantly reminding myself of what's outside of the bubble and to never lose my drive for adventures or other passions. I'll write another separate post regarding the bubble but for now, I'm just really excited and inspired by all the smart, driven, yet humble people I've been meeting!