2013 school project

Expo 2025

World Expos are large celebrations that bring hundreds of countries together to celebrate humanity, demonstrate achievements, to promote the exchange of new ideas and global development around the world.

The Challenge:

To create a brand that will represent Toronto, the people of the world, and also convey the energy and excitement in one identity.

The Solution:

My theme 'Connecting to Create' focuses on how putting innovation and individuality together allows us to grow and create for the world.  The fingerprint in the background represents every individual, and how each of us create and add to the world we live in. Inspired by Michelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam', I drew the human hand and robot hand close to touching but not quite, leaving a sense of tension and interest. The human hand represents the now, and the robot’s hand symbolizes the future and where we are headed. 

I was very fortunate to be able to to present this work to the Toronto Expo committee with the rest of my class at the Toronto City Hall in December 2013. I also wrote a blog post about my experience there. Special thanks to Zab Hobart, and Kristyn Wong-Tam.

Poster  - 20" x 30"

Poster - 20" x 30"

3.5" x 5" with a fold out map 

Bilingual Expo Passport 


Mobile App and Expoband 



Access Passes

Inspired by Fitbit bands, I created the Expoband. 

A band for VIP holders, staff, media crew and the security team, giving them access to connect to the mobile app for more information.